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"Dr. Geraldine Schwartz and the VLC faculty have always provided a healthy balance of academic challenge and encouragement."

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Personalized Education Therapy System (PETS)

General Explanation and Questions

The Vancouver Learning Centre for Teaching Excellence provides

  • Inspired teaching by senior teachers trained by a senior neuropsychologist in programs and processes based on neuroplasticity
  • A full-service individually designed short and long-term program

Teachers, mentors, and coaches provide programs that

  • Improve the cognitive efficiency of brain function
  • Produce results that deliver a personal best academic achievement
  • Teach positive emotional and behavioural responses to learning, achievement and life
  • Teach learning-how-to-learn skills
  • Teach students to overcome anxiety responses to learning and test-taking

    At the elementary level
    Experienced professionals in all academic subjects are trained to use innovative methods in teaching that have had solid results over three decades in:
    • Language development
    • Reading and reading comprehension
    • Writing and written expression
    • Math and math problem solving
    • Science
    • Humanities/Social Studies
    • School support and collaboration

    In High School
    Experienced teachers with subject expertise are trained to provide both school support and skills training in:
    • English structure, Spelling, Grammar, English Literature, comprehension and analysis
    • Written Expression
    • Oral Expression
    • Math, computation, problem solving, conceptual development
    • Science: Chemistry, Biology, Physics
    • Humanities
    • Executive function
    • Organization, goal-setting
    • Test-taking for high academic achievement
    • University entrance preparation

    At the University Level
    Experienced professionals in all academic subjects are trained to use innovative methods in teaching that have had solid results over three decades in:
    • Coaching in achievement in test-taking
    • Writing academic term papers
    • Listening and note-taking in lectures
    • Goal setting
    • Executive function
    • Subject support
    • Learning-to-learn skills

VLC Centre for Teaching Excellence teachers are trained and experienced in working with students who exhibit:

  • Learning disabilities
  • Attention difficulties
  • A range of learning disorders
    1. Autism
    2. Asperger’s
    3. Prader Willi Syndrome
    4. Developmental delay
    5. Emotional and behaviour difficulties
    6. Anxiety disorders
    7. The need for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
    8. Etc.

  • Offer gifted students programs that include and address:
    1. Enrichment, high order achievement results at personal best levels
    2. Challenge level learning in areas of strengths
    3. Emotional, behavioural and learning delays
    4. Gifted students with learning disabilities

  • Home-Schooled Students (all levels) are accommodated and address:
    1. Complementary and collaborative ways with online programs such as EBUS, VLN, Coquitlam Open Learning, NIDES, and Thompson Rivers University, etc.
    2. Direct teaching one-to-one on any grade or subject levels
    3. Preparation for returning to classrooms or post-secondary entry
    4. Cognitive Behavioural and emotional support
    5. Learning-to-learn skills
    6. Test-taking skills
    7. Oral and Written presentations

The ‘VLC Centre for Teaching Excellence Faculty’ are trained and experienced in working with children and youth in:

  • Early childhood 3-5 years in
    1. Language development
    2. Developmental delays
    3. Advanced development (potential giftedness)

  • Children and Youth 6 – 18 years
    1. With learning disabilities
    2. With learning, behavioural and emotional delays
    3. Gifted learners
    4. Gifted learners (including those with learning delays)
    5. Young adults in college and university for coaching and mentorship
    6. Clients with brain trauma or medical issues)

  • Young Adults 18+ years
    1. Executive function
    2. Organization and goal setting
    3. Workplace learning
    4. University level support as coaches and mentors
      • Academic subject instruction
      • Emotional responses
      • Behavioural responses
      • Test Taking
      • Term papers

The ‘VLC Centre for Teaching Excellence’:

  1. Offers 12 months of service (10 months + 2 months in summer)
  2. From 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. weekdays and 9 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturdays
  3. Summer programs that
    • Continue to sustain learning gains
    • Preview subject areas and provide readiness for the next grade
    • Offer special programs for transition to high school and university
    • Enrich learning at every level
    • Provide ongoing support to achieve high grades in correspondence and distance education courses

All programs are individually tailored

  1. based on placing the neuropsychological lens on current or recent psychoeducational assessments when available
  2. based on previous psychoeducational reports (within 2 years) and school reports and consultation
  3. or directly based on consultation with a VLC professional, school reports, or special requests

Most lessons take place on site at the Vancouver Learning Centre; however, once a relationship is established, they may also take place remotely via Skype.

School collaboration and preview systems are available where appropriate. Lessons are team-based and transparent to parents who become part of the team where appropriate.

Fees for Various Levels of Entry

Initial Interview Complimentary
Analysis of Recent Psychoeducational Assessment (within 2 years) by a Registered Psychologist and Program Design with onsite interview and observations $1000 - $1800
(depending on complexity)
Program Design without a Psychoeducational Assessment
(includes interview, observations, parent requests)
$500 - $1000
(depending on complexity)
All one-to-one teaching services $67 per hour
BOOST (Buying out of School Temporarily)
Full service teaching program
$2700 per month
Summer Teaching (on request without Program Design, plus interview). May continue in school year if space is available $67 per hour
Professional Services with Dr. Geraldine Schwartz
Registered Psychologist
$200 per hour

Additional services that support programs, including psychological insight, insight and supervision of teachers, are complimentary for established students.

Also, available at costs to be determined on case-by-case basis:

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) for students (integrated into ongoing programs)
  • Counselling services, related to teaching services.

To begin:

  • Contact Andrew Taylor, Principal and Head Teacher of the ‘VLC Centre for Teaching Excellence’, and Vice-Principal Vancouver Learning Centre (

Psychological services provided by

  • Geraldine Schwartz PhD, Registered Psychologist, Member of the Canadian Registry of Health Service Providers in Psychology, Senior Psychologist and Founder of the Vancouver Learning Centre


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