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"I hope other students will enjoy and gain knowledge the same way as I have at the VLC."
- Student

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“Week-Ahead” Program

The Vancouver Learning Centre (VLC) works in collaboration with schools and the child’s teachers to preview basic vocabulary concepts and procedures in the school curriculum coming in the week ahead. This helps overcome classroom stress and sets the child up to be successful in school.

The “Week-Ahead” program has long been a hallmark of VLC collaborative approaches with schools. In this approach vocabulary concepts and procedures are “frontloaded” or previewed just in time. Students become familiar with the vocabulary of the subject and more primed when the subject is explored in class. The strength of this program is that the students’ confidence is built because when the subject is introduced in school they will be hearing both the language and the concepts for the second time.

The week-ahead program is especially helpful in math and science where the students can learn the new concepts one-to-one at their own pace. The teacher’s new teaching becomes a review for them and helps to consolidate the new knowledge.

Over time, the students build a much more stable hierarchy of skills. When this process is combined with teaching the gaps already present in the student’s skill hierarchy (using the student’s identified strength domains as a teaching strategy), a whole new way of approaching the subject emerges for new learning. This process can, and often does, transform future learning.


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